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High phthalates are a family of compounds whose primary use is as a vinyl or plastic softener. They are colorless, odorless liquids that do not evaporate readily from the vinyl or plastic product. High phthalates provide key characteristics to flexible vinyl products including: durability, flexibility, weather resistance and the ability to withstand high temperatures.

With a wide range of physical and chemical properties, phthalates are used in a multitude of consumer and industrial products that demand high performance, long-lasting wear and durability. While they can be employed in a variety of applications, these phthalates are not necessarily interchangeable. The characteristics of an individual phthalate often make it well suited to a particular product, allowing manufacturers to meet unique requirements for its use (function and safety specifications), appearance (texture, color, size and shape), and durability and wear. For this reason, substitutions could sacrifice the functionality, quality, longevity, cost or performance of a product.

With more than 50 years of research, phthalates are among the most thoroughly studied family of compounds in the world and have been reviewed by multiple regulatory bodies in the United States. The American Chemistry Council supports ongoing research into the health and safety of phthalates.


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