1. David, R. (2000). Exposure to phthalate esters. Environmental Health Perspectives 108:A440.

*This letter to the editor calculated human exposure to phthalates from urinary metabolite data provided by the U.S. CDC (Blount et al., 2000). The letter documents that these exposures are low and within safe limits.

2. David, R., McKee, R., Butala, J., Barter, R., and Kayser, M. (2001). Esters of Aromatic mono-, di-, and tricarboxylic acids, Aromatic Diacids and di-, tri-, or polyalcohols. Patty's Toxicology. Fifth edition, volume 6. Edited by E. Bingham, B. Cohrssen and C. Powell. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. p. 653-932.

*This is a comprehensive review of the toxicology of phthalate esters, based on published and unpublished work through approximately 1998.

*Sponsored by the Phthalate Esters Panel (in whole or in part).


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