1. Effects on Aquatic Organisms

    Research exploring whether a variety of phthalates have any effects on freshwater and marine organisms, including microorganisms, algae, invertebrates and fish.

  2. Sediment and Soil Exposure, Partitioning and Effects on Soil Organisms

    Research exploring the potential risk presented by various phthalates to organisms in lake and ocean bottoms or in surface waters.

  3. Bioconcentration & Bioaccumulation

    Original research and literature reviews on the potential for various phthalates to bioaccumulate, or build up, in fish and other aquatic organisms.

  4. Physical/Chemical Properties

    How various phthalates behave in the environment.

  5. Environmental Fate and Persistence Properties

    Research measuring the rates at which various phthalates biodegrade, or break down, in the environment. 


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