High phthalates are a family of compounds mainly used as a vinyl – or plastic – softener. They are colorless, odorless liquids that when mixed into PVC, sometimes referred to as “vinyl”, make what is normally a hard, brittle plastic into one that is softer and flexible.

High phthalates are so named because of their heavy molecular weight, with 7 to 13 carbon atoms connected to the main molecule. Because they are large, heavy molecules, high phthalates are tightly bound into the PVC polymer and are not very mobile, which means they do not evaporate or migrate readily from the finished PVC product.

The properties of high phthalates allow them to help the plastic maintain its soft and flexible qualities and make them more durable, which helps the flexible vinyl withstand the changes brought by mother nature.

That’s why they are excellent for PVC products like wire and cable, flooring and roofing, coated fabrics and synthetic leather, and automotive applications.

High phthalates are used in common items like:

  • Garden hoses and swimming pool liners
  • Waterproof clothing and luggage
  • Wallcoverings and window shades
  • And so much more!

High phthalates are an essential part of many products we use every day.

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